Saturday, January 3, 2015

Day 2

Such a giant noggin.

Day 2 I decided to try a bit more color. It was fun. I'm sure I'm still doing it wrong but my head is covered and warm (after having some painful ear tips from the bitter color the night of day 1 I decided to wrap my upper ears too) and stays in place. All winning to me.

I spent the day thinking of women in cultures who demand they stay covered. I found myself wondering what I'd do in such a situation. Green hair under my hijab? Who knows. My heart broke for the women who felt trapped in situations they can't escape so I prayed for them as I did dishes and laundry. And I rejoiced for the women living in societies where if they felt led they could cover to meet their own religious preferences. And for us non-religious reason girls who are doing it.

G came over and snuggled me, then put his head on mine. "This is pretty fantastic mom." Why? "Your head is like a giant soft pillow. It's awesome." Then he snuggled my head and sighed happily.

Well. I guess I know one person in my family who might miss the wraps at the end of 21 days.


Cheri said...

I love the thought process and the conversations this sparks.

Whenever we do something perceived as 'counter-culture' we have an opportunity to discuss things we would not have otherwise.

We are so blessed aren't we? To have the choice to cover or not cover. The choice that I have made to drastically pare down my wardrobe. I am well aware that much of the world has no such choice. To only have 33 articles of clothing would be such a blessing.

By going outside our cultural norms, we begin to understand and appreciate our many blessings and the suffering that others endure.

Looking forward to seeing more of your coverings. Do you have a link to your Instagram? I have forsaken Facebook...again. :)

And I know you are not fishing for compliments but you really are rock in' the coverings! I would probably look more like a cancer survivor with my washed out coloring.

Unknown said...


Right! I am all about coloring outside of the lines a little in order to remember myself. :)

Thanks for the compliment. A few times I've put together things and though, "Oh. Nope. Too much eyebrow." ::lol::

My instagram is here but you might be locked out. I'll try to do a rehash of photos here every few days. Since instagram also has pictures of the kids it's a little more locked down than some other social media.